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Basic Organ Coherence Scan

TimeWaver Hair Analysis - Available as a remote service or in person.

  • 1 hour
  • 170 Canadian dollars
  • Remote or in Person, please call.

Service Description

The TimeWaver Organ Coherence scan provides information in regard to the balance of cellular electromagnetic fields. The cellular fields collectively make up what is referred to as the “information field”. This scan uses sound and light (bio-photon) resonance to examine an individual's information field - both within and beyond the physical body up to 24” into the auric field to check for "coherence" or balance. An organized report is generated illustrating which organs are balanced or unbalanced. This report is the starting point from which optimizations are generated for a period of four weeks Wireless sound and light vibrations may be sent to the client to assist the body to move back into balance. A summary of the main causes for imbalance and printed reports are supplied at the follow-up appointment approximately one week from the initial scan. 1 hour session plus 1/2 hour follow-up appointment

Contact Details

250 307-7888

Downtown Vernon 3309 30th Ave, Vernon, BC, Canada

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