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Meet Lucille

HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner)

BaPSP (Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt Practitioner)

TWP (TimeWaver Practitioner)



TimeWaver Information Systems

Individual unconscious communicates directly with a kind of global Information Field  called the collective unconscious. On the quantum level all incidents are controlled by probabilities.

Probabilities can be influenced by consciousness or the observer. Reality is at its deepest level not matter but information. This information helps us understand diseases and how to heal them.


The Information Field controlled frequency therapy integrated in the TimeWaver Frequency system is unique. TimeWaver is a sophisticated, non-invasive system that uses high-tech light quantum effects to detect influences affecting the body. It works by studying the body as a whole and explores the ten different levels of information that affect and encompass a person. These include:  

  • Spiritual Level

  • Systemic Level

  • Psychological Level

  • Information Level

  • Energy Level

  • Frequency Level

  • Physiological Processes

  • Detoxification Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites and Fungi

  • Symptomatic Level

Working at a cellular level, it sends specific information and oscillation patterns to the organs and other body systems. The patterns recorded at each of these levels provide an understanding of a person’s unique information field and therefore points to why a person is suffering a systemic or casual disorder.

TimeWaver information field technology considers consciousness and information as fundamental components for analysis and optimization.


Organ Coherence

According to our model, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field which is caused by cell oscillations. The organ coherence analysis allows you to delve further into the information fields of the organs within the body and examine the quality of their energy. By evaluating the consistency, you can quickly understand which organ groups are not working effectively. The analysis then offers appropriate balancing within the information field so the organs can function efficiently again.

Rayonex Bioresonance 

Rayonex Bioresonance is a non-invasive therapy which involves placing electrodes on your skin for diagnosis and treatment. The electrodes are connected to a the Rayonex machine which checks the energy wavelengths coming from your body, and then counteracts bad frequencies by restoring the optimum balance.


The Rayoscan performs what is known as value range testing. Qualitative changes in the heart beat are thus measured for each basic frequency value, and in addition, the system evaluates whether or not subsequent harmonisation is required. Based on the resonance frequencies thus determined, the frequency patterns of existing RAH programs can be compared by means of calculations and the best matches thus established.

Zero Point Theory

The zero-point theory seeks to explain energy and the universe. The living being, a biophoton organism, is surrounded in a field of biophotonic light upon which it depends. The field is a near vacuum, although it is full of quantum particles and waves, including virtual, or transitory particles. This sea of potential is susceptible to intention, responding first through the subtle fields of reality and finally in physical realms.

Essentially, we are “frozen light”, or biophoton machines. Through the zero-point field, we are interconnected in a “nonlocal reality: that permeates the cosmos. A non-local reality is one that is unmediated, unmitigated, and immediate. This means that events can occur through unknown forces, that the strength of an event is not dependent upon proximity, and that changes can occur instantly, despite distance, Many physicists have concluded that reality is indeed “nonlocal” in nature, as two particles, once in contact, can be separated and yet interact even at great distances.

Studies of molecular and electrical systems show that our interactive capabilities extend way beyond our nervous system and that we are capable of processing intuitive, conscious and subconscious information at every level.

The more photons an organism’s DNA emits, the higher it may stand on the evolutionary scale. The zero-point field plays a central role in organizing and responding to this internal light. If a body of photons internalizes too much or too little light from the field, disease results. Organisms are the healthiest if they rely on a minimum of “free energy”. This means that they each approach their own zero stare, or nothingness.

Tachyon Healing Chamber

Discover Healing with Tachyons

Our Tachyon Healing Chamber harmonizes pure, safe and strong Tachyon energy. The chamber harnesses a technology of Tachyons and crystal energy which yields the highest concentration of focused Tachyons. Regular sessions will aid in awareness, stress, fatigue, detoxification, concentration and deepens spiritual awareness and ascension.

Tachyons are subatomic particles which contain the full spectrum of spiritual Light.

Light carries information, truth, and when we have the correct information, our whole being, all our bodies (physical, astral, etc) can then re-align with this truth. Therefore tachyons can initiate healing of any disease physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

Benefits of Tachyon Energy

  • Tachyon restores chakra and meridians to a “Healthy Zero Point”.

  • Tachyon chamber harmonize imbalanced energy and convert it to positive, balanced  and harmonious  fields.

  • Tachyon assists in clearing emotional, mental and spiritual fields in your past, present and future.

  • When working with crystals the Tachyon field works in harmony to  amplify the crystal’s  attributes

  • Tachyon accelerates the body’s capacity to heal from illness or disease.

  • Fields of Tachyon increase their physical and mental stamina.  

  • Tachyon profoundly affect the DNA by regenerating and activating the higher DNA strands that are currently coming online in ascending humans.

  • Tachyon promotes pain relief.

  • Assists body in mild detoxification.

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