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Mobile, sound balancing at your fingertips? It is absolutely Genius! YES, there is an App for that!

Finally! An easy, fun way to personally explore your whole energy being. All you need to start is your phone or iPad/Notebook device.

Simply download the biofeedback app called Genius Insight (available for Android and/or Mac platforms). Select the 2 week free trial option and you are on the path to amazing self-awareness.

The app requests your voice print and a picture to perform the analysis. Follow the instructions as you move through the scanning process to set up a balancing sound feedback session. Then sit back and enjoy the pleasant chimes delivering balancing information.

If you have further questions or would like to experience a demonstration, visit the website

Sign up for weekly Zoom sessions featuring demonstrations and live chat based on the current topic. Mondays are open to anyone wanting to explore becoming a user of the software and/or practitioner.

Miracle Genius Hour happens every Thursday morning, live via Zoom. You must pre-register, and it is open to anyone wanting to experience a balancing session. The Genius Biofeedback community is one of caring and sharing. This is a generous gift to those unable to access this service otherwise.

Perhaps you love the software, but are not inclined to set up your own sessions. If you prefer, the option to have assistance is always available. Have a local practitioner set up a harmonizing session in person or remotely. The harmonizing session can then be downloaded to your phone or device for use during the coming week. An additional app called the Genius Biofeedback Quanta Capsule is required for remote sessions and is also available for a two week free trial.

There are several local practitioners available. I have been exploring this software since first introduced in the fall of 2021. I am now in the process of certification as a practitioner. If you are wanting to set up an "in person" or Zoom demonstration, I would be more that happy to welcome you into this community and help launch your new path to self-awareness and empowerment!

Blessings & Light!


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