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Health Begins a the Cellular Level

Every cell, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field, which is caused by vibration of electrical charges. Hair analysis provides information for a deeper look into these energy fields or what is referred to as the "Information Field".

By analyzing at the cellular level imbalances can be identified and solutions recommended for nutrition, toxin removal and emotional changes creating harmony and balance.

Meet Lucille

Holistic Health Practitioner

I invite you to experience safe, non-invasive wholistic healing modalities, with a focus on resonance-based harmonization services for people and pets.

By tapping into the information field, energetic interferences are removed, allowing the body to balance and heal.

Lucille Riddell

HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner)

BaPSP (Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt Practitioner)

TWP (TimeWaver Practitioner)


Understand the interactions of dis-eases in the Information Field

The journey towards health begins with an inner-standing of our connection to mind, body and spirit.

Understand which organ groups are not working effectively. And how to balance and harmonize so the organs can function coherently again.


Electromagnetic frequencies that resonate and balance the entire body
and it's individual organs to natural health and wellness.


The Tachyon Healing chamber harnesses a technology of Tachyons and crystal energy which yields the highest concentration of focused Tachyons. 


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